Customs Brokerage

Import Brokerage

Tarraservices is a full-service Customs brokerage assisting clients on Customs clearances and arranging delivery nationwide. We provide National Customs clearance capabilities via our Remote Location Filing process (RLF) to clear goods in any major U.S. port to help our clients manage import processing whether goods arrive via air, ocean, or ground. We maintain industry best practice standards and automation throughout the clearance process to quickly and effectively clear goods.

  • ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)
  • CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified
  • Harmonized Tariff Classification Verification
  • Temporary import declarations
  • Import/Export Compliance
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment processor
  • ISF [Import Security Filing] participant and filer
  • Periodic Monthly Payment processor and filer
  • Import/Export Documentation review prior to Entry
  • Valuation determination and methods
  • (EDI) Electronic Data Interchange interface capabilities
  • Post entry validation review process

Tarraservices offers up to the minute import training and consulting services for importers to remain compliant with the continuously changing import rules and regulations.

We specialize in the import and processing of many commodities, Including:

  • Biologicals
  • Computer and Electronic equipment and accessories
  • Consumer Goods
  • E-commerce
  • Furniture, Lighting, Signs
  • Household Products
  • Machines, engines, pumps
  • Optical, Technical, Medical Apparatus
  • Plastics; Plastic Articles
  • Pharmaceuticals

If you have an import not listed above, please contact us at

Scientific Research Institution Support

Scientific research institutions require specialized services for importing a wide range of products and instruments. Materials and instruments for use in scientific research may include antibodies, lasers, diagnostic instruments and systems, electron microscopes, live animals and their products, and countless other products subject to review by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and others government agencies.

  • Expedited Customs clearance services
  • Reviewing product profiles to determine the appropriate Harmonized Tariff Classification verification and Import requirements prior to shipping
  • Coordinating applications for duty-free entry of eligible products and instruments
  • Working directly with foreign suppliers and carriers to verify import requirements are met and manufacturer declarations or health certifications are obtained prior to entry declaration
  • Identifying import opportunities available to scientific institutions that could reduce order lead time and common import delays